Madefromghana is a fair trade company based in the heart of Bolgatanga Ghana where these baskets are produced. Started in 2006, madefromghana has put first the handwork of the poor people especially women in the Upper east Region who engage themselves in small scale hand woven skilled baskets popularly know as “Bolga Baskets

These woman, not from well to do homes have over the years not sit ideally and let poverty eat them up all in the name of “We are helpless”. Most of them, “Widowed” with children have taken the weaving of baskets very serious and are able to feed their families through it.

Madefromghana having seen what these women go through on a daily bases decided to put their beautiful skills and art to the world for all to see and patronize since it fits to every home and environment with lots of uses.

We occasionally attend to these women by providing them the raw materials needed to manufacture these beautiful baskets and also at the end of the day pay them fairly wage for the finished product which goes to support them a lot.


Buying a single basket from us means you’re in a way supporting this skilled women out here. We encourage Non profit Organizations to come on board and collaborate with us to support these women more in any kind.

Order and order more of our beautiful baskets to end hardship in the Upper East Region.

These baskets are Ethically good and sustainable

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