Madefrom Ghana baskets a local based small artisan company in Ghana (Bolgatanga) that’s keen on helping weavers of Bolga baskets grow. Every proceeds from your orders are put into the artisans pockets to give them good condition of life as many are widows and single parents. I’m a young man of 31 years who goes by the name Francis Ayadago.

I started madefrom Ghana Baskets in 2015 right after I got out of college. Growing up in the communities of Bolgatanga, I saw how most of these women (our mothers) suffered to put food on the table for us through these baskets weaving…

With my little knowledge in online marketing I started to visit these women groups in the surrounding communities and help them with the little I can and that includes the provision of good drinking water (Well) and many more basic needs. Also, through online sales of their creative baskets, I’m able to pay them fairly and compensate their works.


Buying a single basket from us means you’re in a way supporting this skilled women out here. We encourage Non profit Organizations to come on board and collaborate with us to support these women more in any kind.

Order and order more of our beautiful baskets to end hardship in the Upper East Region.

These baskets are Ethically good and sustainable:



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